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Size: 1.5-3.5 tonnes and up to 20 feet long
Disposition: Low aggression
Diet: Mollusks,fish,turtles and carrion
Natural Habitat: Swampland
Sociality: Solitary except when mating. Can be domesticated but always hostile around same sex of it's species.
Life cycle: Much like a frog the guiran is an amphibian that begins life as an egg in water and lacks rear legs early in life. Front feet are webbed at birth. Quickly matures and leaves the water. Guiran in a domestic environment can live to be 80 years old.
Domestication: Some guiran have been captured at a young age,domesticated and used for mounts. Domesticated Guiran have many of  their bone plates removed at an early age.


Despite their intimidating appearance guiran mostly avoid conflict and prefer to use as little energy as possible. They use a glowing piece of flesh that protrudes from their chin as a lure for fish in murky swamp water. The mandibles are articulated much like arms and can bend to get out of the way when they aren’t needed. The guiran can emit gas from the mandibles for a brief time which it can ignite by striking them on their teeth. This primarily functions as a method of opening difficult mollusks by cooking them but can always work as a deadly defense mechanism for adults. Guiran can spit highly flammable bile from their mouths and through their flame to essentially throw fire at larger predators. Guiran males have colorful horns which grow into strange designs for attracting mates and battling other guiran for territory. In addition to two normal eyes the guiran has a third sensor in the middle of their head and bumps along their back that are electroreceptory sensors for locating food and predators in murky waters. The loud grunt followed by a rattling throat sound is regularly heard in the swamps. This is how Guiran make sure not to accidentally enter each other's territory.

In cold weather, guiran enter a state of torpor. This rarely happens in their natural habitat but some tribes have tried to take them from the warm and humid swamps and use them in other environments by placing furs on them to keep them warm and removing furs to induce torpor. This makes them unreliable in other environments but they use up very little resources when in torpor so they're valuable for agriculture work in more moderate environments.


 Guiran meat is riddled with fat which is universally disgusting but with a lot of hard work it can be made into a dish someone might consider paying money for.  Their skin makes excellent light armor and clothing material. The electroreceptory sensor on the head is eaten in rare ceremonies and is rumored to cause hallucinations. The colorful horns of males are often incorporated into armor as a sign of higher rank or status. Artists highly value the horns for both grinding down to use for pigment and as a material for sculpting. The highly flammable bile is useful for traps and maintaining fires during troublesome weather. The teeth and mandible are both excellent for fire starting.

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