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So I've been working on artwork and writing for my personal project with 9 pieces of art completed for it and only a dozen or so pages of writing. Recently I've been doing some work for Monte Cook's The Strange RPG and two or three pieces would have fit in my personal project and I'm a bit sad that that basically means I signed away two personal pieces for a fraction of what they're worth to me. I want to work on pieces that fit my personal project but I don't want to just barely scrape by making those pieces for others projects.

I want to spend more time on my personal project. So here's a plan. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Why not kickstarter?
The money all arrives at once and then I know I would have an overwhelming urge to rush through the project to put it in backers' hands. I don't want to rush. I want to really like every page of the product.

Patreon or something like it
So there's this website where fans can sign up to be patrons. Which means they choose an amount of money they're willing to give an artist every time they release a new song/painting/short story/podcast/etc. They can choose the maximum they can donate per month as well. I'm thinking this is the best scenario for what I'd like to do.

I want to create series of illustrations of an alien world with low fantasy level technology. Everything should be alien and seem unknown. I would like to begin by fleshing out some landscapes. Then I'd want to move into fleshing out the wildlife and plants. The primary races, one creature and one landscape have already been created. In the end I would put them together into both an art book and a roleplaying game book.

If you're supporting the project because you're interested in the RPG aspect then I will go ahead and provide some of the details here.  The game is about exploration and it's only through meeting new cultures and finding new locations that characters can improve. . In this game, reincarnation is real (although Karma isn't) and characters can remember past lives by triggering memories through treading over the ground of past lives or experiencing things they've experienced in another life. Triggered memories improve skills connected to a particular past life and also cause a physical transformation into a hybrid of the their remembered lives.

Pledge level ideas
Artwork is released to the public and not exclusive to patreon supporters.
$1/image. Thank you! (after 3 images you are signed up to received the PDF at the end of the project.)
$5/image. Get illustration notes. PDF when it's compiled.
$10/image. Illustration notes. PDF when it's compiled. WIP shots. Ability to vote on thumbnails.
$15/image. Illustration notes. PDF when it's compiled. WIP shots. Ability to vote on thumbnails. Chance to win original drawings or paintings.
$10/image/ signed 8.5x11 print.*Illustration notes PDF when it's compiled
$15/image signed 11x17 print *Illustration notes. PDF when it's compiled
$20/image signed 12x18 metallic print. *Illustration notes.PDF when it's compiled

*illustrations notes are where I've written down details on the creature/environment and how it would work in a gaming environment. So for an animal this would be things like; habitat, diet, behavior, and use. For instance some animals might be used as pets or mounts while others have livers that are used to make psychotropic drugs,etc.

After each image is released and the pledges collected, the original sketch for that image will be given randomly to one of the patrons.

If the project goes to Kickstarter for printing the final product , Patreon backers will gain up to the pledge level of getting the printed book if their combined Patreon pledges adds up to the same amount. There would be additional rewards for the KS. For instance, for the base races I often create Zbrush models so I could potentially give backers the files to print them or I could offer 3D printed models of them.

What is exclusive to patreon backers?

  • The notes for the images will not be released to those outside of patreon until the entire project is done. This means patreon supporters have a chance to give feedback on the direction of the world or will have the resources to drop the creature/environment concepts into their current tabletop sessions.
  • Process work. Sketches and walkthroughs will only be made available to patreon supporters.
  • Original pencil sketches and paintings raffled off to patrons.

 How do I get the ball rolling/marketing?
Between July4th and September 8th I will have a booth at three different conventions in three different states. I hope to launch the project right after these and push for people to join a mailing list so that I can let the maximum number of people know on day 1.

Start a facebook page or perhaps a forum or subreddit.
Start a blog exclusively for this project.
Make a short animation of my artwork to get people excited. Something like what Dave Rapoza did with just using some parallax and flashing maybe.
Video of myself making an appeal.

Other Issues
The pdf as reward. I want to reward my patrons and make them feel like they're getting things with value but I'd really like to just give the PDF out for free when it's done but I feel like I have to withhold it to use as a reward for patrons helping to make it possible.

At$200/image I will stream 30 minutes to an hour of process on each piece in a google+ hangout where patrons can ask questions.
$300/image. Graphic designer hired to put together a layout design for the pdf.

Please give me your opinions on this!

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