Two Knights

Arcane Wonders has been showing a recent card I made for them. It and a card of an imp were made in two days. The brief was actually very similar to one of the last cards I made for them exactly three years earlier. There's also another card in this set that seems to have a pretty similar brief as well. They like to do have the full figure fit in a horizontal frame with a simple/abstract background. In the old one they were working to have something printed on their home computers I believe in order to have some artwork on their mock-up demo game cards at their booth at Origins or GenCon. So very early stages of production. The mockups they sent me all had vertical images so I made a vertical image. It turned out it was a mistake and they actually wanted horizontal images so that's why those three cards in that set probably seem to have particularly weak compositions.

I do believe the newer image is better but I'm pretty disappointed with my progress in those three years. It's spurned me into re-entering learning mode more than usual. I haven't really done studies or requested critiques from those I respect in years and haven't picked up any instructional magazines or videos in a long time. So I'm excited to get my work back on track with the trajectory I imagined three years ago.

Also, in my spare time I'm working on some short comics. This is the first two pages of one of them without any of the text. It feels like it's going to be easy to hold myself to a high standard for this. Hopefully people will respond well to it.

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