Game of Thrones and skies

I made a sketch for a Game of Thrones fan art piece. Bran as King of the Weirwood Throne. Kind of excited to work on this one as it represents more of my natural leanings. If I weren't trying to hussle to make some money then I think I would do more quiet images that appear to have some metaphor and are better suited for book covers rather than gaming covers. Gaming artwork isn't meant to leave the viewers with a lot questions where I think I kind of prefer doing artwork that leaves some questions which I think is more popular with book covers. This was done while on vacation so that's the reason I've actually taken the pencils this far.
I also had some spare time before vacation to do a little environment speedpainting. It was a good bit of fun and I may work on it some more as well.
On my drive home I had to yell at Ada to take some pictures of the sky. The camera didn't quite capture reality but...
That little lump of white cloud just left of center and towards the bottom was amazing. The left side was crazy orange and although it doesn't look it here the right side of each form of that lump felt about as electric blue as the top of the photo.

In this photo at a stop light, the sun is off to the right and the bright spot in this photo is a distant cloud getting lit up and looking bright orange and then it's just slightly interrupted by foreground clouds and then the same cloud above that interruption looked electric blue again.

 The camera blows out the highlights on these as the sun is behind the viewer but it does capture just how visually noisy these storm clouds were. The next to last photo looked like a real life painting.

Joe SlucherComment