Lazy Nezumi Plugin Review

Edit: Here's a link to what I'm talking about
With Christmas funds I finally bought myself the Lazy Nezumi plugin for Photoshop and I'm kicking myself for being cheap and not purchasing it sooner. In case you're not aware, Lazy Nezumi has been around for a couple years as a plugin for smoothing your brush strokes. Since I don't do a lot of linework, I had thought it was irrelevant to my style. Well recent updates have made it much more diverse in it's uses.
I have always found the wacom tablet properties settings to be a bit simple in adjusting how the pressure sensitivity is output. The area in red is with my most comfortable setting using wacom tablet properties while the strokes in green are after creating a Lazy Nezumi preset. The result is I'm more easily able to go from a very low opacity stroke to full opacity and to go from a very thin line to the maximum thickness. So I'm able to get the full range without grinding my nib into the wacom or brushing super gently. That alone is a big boon to me.

My next favorite feature is the constraint concentric ellipse preset. Ellipses are a nightmare and this tool let's you draw them easily by holding alt or shift to adjust degree and rotation before drawing. A bad ellipse can easily make a pro look like an amateur so I'm thrilled about this.

Next is a tool that I wish I had a couple years ago. It's called constraint isometric and it can help you make isometric drawings lightning fast. Not only does it constrain your strokes to the correct angles, it has tick marks along the lines so that you know the measurements.  Just amazing helpful. It makes me want to do some isometric artwork which is just ludicrous.

The last tool is the constraint perspective preset. No need to create an additional layer or use the awful Photoshop vanishing point filter. You can easily have multiple vanishing points and everything is easy to adjust. Again, it's just another massive time saver.

The only negative thing I have to say is that the plugin doesn't always initialize properly with Photoshop. So before you start working you want to check that the plugin is working. If it's not close out of it and photoshop and try again. So far, it has always worked the second time.
Joe Slucher1 Comment