The Future

Quick update and promotion of my Patreon.

2015 is going to be crazy.

I was recently haggling over prices and the nitty gritty of a contract for work that has been very typical of my career when I realized how silly it was. I was trying to haggle my way into being moderately poor rather than severely poor. This has been typical of the last couple years so despite negotiating a rate higher than Paizo I decided to walk away rather than continue to repeat myself. It's time to shoot for the top this year and get out of the RPG/boardgame market. I won't be doing anymore characters on white backgrounds as I don't think it advances my career any. I've queued up a massive number of e-mails to video game companies and book publishers and the like for when my schedule opens up in early February. I'm putting together a simple website of the UI and 3D work I have done. I've bought my pass to GDC and will likely go to some other conventions where I've never ventured to pursue work. I plan to even visit some game studios' offices outside of GDC even. I didn't apply for a table at any conventions this year. I cut most of my work with a major client. I'm finishing my short comic this month and I'll be doing a seminar in February.

Some of this comes from wanting to make a better living but some of it comes from a conversation I was having with an AAC student. I was offering advice, good advice, and knowing that I do not follow that advice and the thought of it makes me uncomfortable. Well it's time I start following my own advice and ignore that part of me that justs wants to focus on the work in front of me and be comfortable and not risk failure.

A part of my moving forward is my Patreon which may become even more important than I realize if I fall flat on my face trying to move fully over to this other industry. Here are the thumbnails that are currently up for voting. Pledge to get a vote and support me. .

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