Tool Review: Coreplay Fitness Body

Coreplay Fitness Body review

What's in the box

1:6 scale figure with head sculpt, hands and feet.

3 extra sets of hands. 

1 set of high heel feet

Spandex suit thing


This figure features more "heroic" proportions at about 9 heads tall. I have yet to find anyone in reality that isn't 8 to 8.5 heads tall so I will have to make note to shorten the legs when using this as reference unless I want a particularly cartoonish or heroic looking figure. It also seem the the distance from navel to pubis is a bit short. With the clothing on there is some extra room at the crotch so with clothing on the distance from belly button to pubis would appear accurate. It's clever if that was intentional. From the side, the abdomen is super skinny and is even more pronounced because there's a strong curve to the back. It's unfortunate that the front of the abdomen doesn't reflect that same curve by bowing out some.

The head clearly has some anime influence in it's proportions and paint job but it's not that bad. The eyes are maybe slightly lower than normal and the paint job kind of makes them seem to wrap around the head. Easy enough to adjust both in a drawing.


I actually really like the sculpt on this figure because unlike most 1:6 scale female figures this seems to have been made with the intention that this figure would not be wearing clothes. This means muscles have been indicated! 

Look! Calf muscles and tendon.

That dimple between the clavicle,deltoid and pectoralis! Indications of biceps,triceps and deltoids. Like all female action figures it still has the big fake looking boobs pushed together to create cleavage. Kind of disappointing since the rest of the body was sculpted as though there would be no clothes.

It's cool that we can see some muscles here but it's sculpted as if the arms are pulled back. A more relaxed sculpt might have been nicer.

The hands are all fine. The regular feet though(not in this picture)... very non-committal and generic. BUT at least they offered flat feet as many female figures only use the high heel feet.

I thought it was interesting that they chose to give the sculpt a playful expression. Usually they always go with a neutral expression. I like it because it's close enough that I can easily convert my drawing to a neutral one if that's what I want. Since I'm using the figure for drawing reference I like sculpted hair over real hair.


As far as my reference figures go this is the least articulated one I have unfortunately. There is no ability to twist anywhere in the torso so there will be no contrapposto in the poses. Unfortunately this is the norm for 1:6 scale female action figures. This one does at least put a point of articulation underneath the breasts but it is comically limited as these gifs show. Still it is better articulation in a torso than most other female figures. The hair sculpt kind of interferes with posing the head but it's not that much of an issue. Other than those issues the articulation is pretty good. Some sculpts will have the neck more separate for articulation but I actually kind of like it not having that extra point of articulation because it's so rare I am doing an illustration of someone with their chin on their chest.

Paint Job

This really doesn't factor into my purchase at all but the skin was weirdly ghostly pink. Ready to go as reference for a vampire though I suppose. The paint on the eyes is really strange with a white stroke around the pupil. Eyeliner paint is bizarre but I find it strange in reality too.


Again, this doesn't factor into my purchase. It was easy enough to remove and seems it would go back on fine. It's really thin so if you bunch it up it actually seems to mimic real scale fairly well.


The joints are very tight and the feet are very hard to change out. So it seems to hold poses really well.

This models head uses a ball socket so it unfortunately isn't compatible with other 1:6 scale figures I have. So no swapping heads.

Also, at $70 it's practically the best figure you will get for the money especially with all of the hands. 


It was a good value for the money but won't replace Phicen figure when it comes to more complicated poses. If the pose isn't complicated though, I will definitely be using this figure particularly if the character in the final illustration isn't covered up entirely with clothes. 

This is the right direction for 1:6 female figures though as it is making more attempts at realism. Now we just need to see more with articulated torsos and maybe some head sculpts that show emotions. The Shi figure is the only one I know of depicting an angry woman. If they want to stick with not articulating the female torsos then let's see some heavier set female reference figures as that would make more sense to me.