Where to go from here? Post GenCon 2017

SPEEDY RECAP of GenCon 2017

Sales were the best they have been but still seem to be far below what everybody else makes. My sales pitches were poisonous to my sales. Take aways 1)bigger booth to have more angles 2)more art displayed equals more sales 3)going to get ruthless about what I show. Going to show older stuff that sells and not show better work that doesn't sell. I often think of the booth as a display of my portfolio but that actually hurts my sales and that's what a con booth is really about. 4)Going to make a price sheet for the table as well. 5) Quick title and description attached to each piece helped. 6)Booth assistant is a must-have. 7)Should have gotten my wife involved in running the booth much sooner. 8)Playmats were selling again. 9)Gaming art was responsible for most income but personal work got people to stop.10)Have to start charging $1 or $2 per signature on cards.11)My prices for prints are too low.

Where to go from here?

Analyzing how to make a better living from this I have broken down my potential work into three categories.

Personal Pieces

Goal:Change this into the more premium product line. Focused on quality over quantity.

  • Small but more passionate audience although I don't think I have found the audience yet.
  • Giclee, limited edition, limited time to purchase, more archival, embossed, embellished, limited time window, foil,ready to hang
  • NO regular prints. I don't think my personal work can count on volume.
  • Rarely used on any sort of functional items.
  • Target gallery audience more with these.Try some very different types of conventions/venues.
  • Can create instructional videos and walkthroughs of this work.
  • Premium book collecting the work 
  • The coffee table set collection of premium prints (went over well at GenCon)
  • Images as part of a series from now on. Perhaps sets of three.
  • Never sell in shipping tubes.

Current Client Work

Goal:Push the work that fits archetypes and shoot for quantity. Separate from personal work.

  • Make MtG drawings more refined for sale and drawings after
  • Artist proof paintings
  • Always open edition prints and sizes between 8x10 and 11x17. 
  • MtG prints should primarily be a size that fits in a card binder.
  • Always sold in shipping tubes.
  • Bundle related IPs such as MtG, Monte Cook Games,werewolves,etc
  • No more metallic prints.

Personal Commercial Work

Goal:Design artwork specifically for utility or the market.

  • Con Exclusives
  • Push Licensing more
  • Location Sheets
  • Creature Cards
  • Playmats and other functional items. Artwork designed for these from the start.
  • Participate in royalty projects
  • Adult coloring books
  • Alternative dust jackets-probably too niche
  • Tokens-serious doubts about the viability of this but may be wise if doing more GPs.
  • Author signing illustrations if I coordinate more with the authors.
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