Comparing and Confidence

This week I’m talking about the issue of looking at other’s artwork and it killing motivation rather than inspiring. My opinions can mostly be found in the above video but I will summarize again here.

  1. I believe it’s unfair to ask humans not to feel jealous and impractical to suggest you not look at other’s artwork.

  2. Instead of avoid or suppressing try to analyze your thoughts on a piece of art when you are awe struck. Be like a chef tasting and trying to sort out what ingredients were perhaps used. Why do you like it? What is it that’s so good?

  3. You’ll find that most of the time this kind of analysis leads to a process you can replicate. The artwork that you were awe struck by is now attainable and inspiring.

I didn’t say this in the video but as the number of times you’ve really analyzed artwork increases you’ll likely begin to see a pattern. That pattern may reveal a lot about where the roots of your own style lie.

Let me know your thoughts on jealousy and comparison below. Any topics you need help with? I have two more articles in mind that may be helpful but more topic suggestions are welcome.Thanks for visiting! Talk to you next week with another article but this time about curating VS hiding.

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