Miranya’s Oath is an illustrated fantasy epic following a woman who would do anything to save her village, no matter what it costs her.


The Saved City

The Saved City

Chapter 5


Miranya’s head pounded a staccato beat behind her left eye and a cold sweat prickled on her skin. Her mouth flooded with saliva. A moment later, she leaned over and vomited. Elfrin pressed a cool cloth to the back of her neck and she groaned her thanks.

‘It worked then.’

‘You could have warned me it would make me sick,’ Miranya mumbled, straightening up in the wooden chair by the hearth.

‘Would it have made any difference?’ Elfrin asked, handing her a wooden cup filled with fresh water. 

She took the cup and sipped at the contents gratefully. ‘Probably not.’ She tipped her head back against the solid, cool wood of the chair-back and closed her eyes. The headache began to recede settling to a dull ache that coloured the inside of her eyelids red. 


Malac Dedicant

Chapter 6


Andar held tightly to Jenna’s hand as they made their way through the busy city streets. He was terrified that she would slip away from him if he got distracted for even a moment. His daughter wandered from one place to another, gazing raptly at everything around her. She had never seen so many people in one place before. Truth be told, neither had he. 





Miranya rolled over and breathed out in a sharp huff. The thin blanket tangled between her legs and she kicked at it in frustration. Outside, the night birds were singing, and she could hear the distant call of monkeys and their smaller cousins, brapins. A cool breeze blew through the window, making the shutter creak and Miranya rolled over again, to face the window. The slice of sky that she could see was filled with stars and the air smelled sweet, heavy with the scent of rain and the perfume of night-blooming jasmine. Somewhere, a woman laughed and a brapin voice mimicked her.

Thank you, Fetuh, for saving the village. 

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